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The Strategic Review of Education Assets in Murray Bridge undertook a scenario analysis of likely educational requirements of the population in the Rural City of Murray Bridge and Murraylands over the next 3-5 and 5-10 year periods to:

  1. Assess the potential impact of these scenarios and government policy on the ability of the current educational assets to meet future demands and opportunities;
  2. Identify opportunities for leveraging the existing educational assets to attract students from outside the region to undertake further study, increasing the reputation and capacity of the education industry in the Regional City;
  3. Clarify the purpose of and further develop the value proposition for an Education Hub in Murray Bridge.
  4. Make recommendations on what new investment and/or restructuring will be required to meet current unmet needs and future demands from within the region, as well as possible demand for educational services form outside of the region.

Council has already committed land as part of the Education Precinct Masterplan and has been through the process of aligning land use for appropriate purposes.

The Chaffey Learning Exchange Project has received funding of $1.1 million to assist in the delivery of an integrated world class post secondary education network.

TAFE SA is working closely with the Chaffey Learning XChange who are acting as a catalyst for engagement in education to ensure collaboration and delivery of services for the benefit of the Murraylands and Riverland.

Council will continue to facilitate discussions with stakeholders to develop an Education Hub in Murray Bridge to support feedback from stakeholders at the various briefings, strong support was received for pursuing Scenario 3 – Supporting a prosperous future for Murray Bridge

In this scenario, the civic and business institutions and leaders within the City of Murray Bridge commit to creating a different future for Murray Bridge.   In this future, the City attracts and grows managers, professionals, business owners and leaders who can harness the natural advantages of the City to generate higher paying jobs and greater wealth.   The result will be a more mixed economy, a greater diversity of housing stock that includes higher value housing developments and a resilient population who have the skills and resources to rapidly adjust to changing economic circumstances in the future.   If implemented successfully it will breathe life into the concept of a Murray Bridge adult learning campus and will result in the development of industry diversity, encourage the development of local skills and expertise required to grow the region’s most competitive industries. Ultimately lead to much greater prosperity for Murray Bridge and the region.

This scenario creates a reputation of Murray Bridge as a ‘learning town’ based on a campus culture with appropriate services for students (internet; food; entertainment; accommodation) which will lead to Murray Bridge as an ‘earning town’

It is envisaged that Council would have a facilitation role only in the roll out of the education needs within the Murray Bridge Community.  Direct investment would come from the education providers and industry that have a direct role in the enhancement of education opportunities within the Murray Bridge Community.


Strategic Review of Education Assets and Opportunities for the Rural City of Murray Bridge – May 2015

Murraylands Education Precinct Report – December 2012

Education Precinct Business Case revised – October 2010

Chaffey Learning Xchange - http://www.chaffeylearningexchange.com/

TAFE SA  - http://www.tafesa.edu.au/access

Further Information

Mayor Brenton Lewis – email: mayor@murraybridge.sa.gov.au, telephone:  0428 825 281

Michael Sedgman, Chief Executive Officer – email: ceo@murraybridge.sa.gov.au; telephone:  85391174

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