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Welcome to the Rural City of Murray Bridge!

To help you explore this gem on the mighty Murray River we have put together a selection of maps to help you find your way here and then find your way around.

Situated on just off the South Eastern freeway, Murray Bridge itself is easy to find and only a 45 minute trip from Adelaide.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge includes a number of outlying townships as well that are equally worth a visit with their own unique charms and treasures.  

For more detailed local information on local attractions, dining and accomodation, check out our Visitors Information Centre.

Happy exploring!

There are lots of parks, trails and reserves to explore within the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

Parks and Playgrounds

We know it is great for our kids to be active every day. When they are being active they are using their
imagination, communicating, exploring ideas, solving problems, making friends and gaining confidence. The Rural City of Murray Bridge has many great parks and playgrounds for the community to visit and enjoy with family and friends.

Visiting the local park, oval or playground is a great opportunity to be active together as a family and to show children what it means to be active and healthy and how much fun it can be. Kids love it when Mum and Dad join in their games.

The Parks and Playgrounds brochure tells you about the different parks and playgrounds to visit in Murray Bridge and the surrounding council area.

Active Outdoor Spaces

Being active can be as easy as visiting your local park and playing Frisbee or riding to the shops instead of taking the car.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge has many active outdoor spaces with facilities available for public use. Visiting the local park or sporting ground is a great opportunity to be active by yourself or with family and friends.

The Active Outdoor Spaces brochure tells you about all the Active Outdoor Spaces in Murray Bridge and surrounding council area.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge thanks local sporting clubs for their cooperation in making their facilities available for community use.

Dog Off-Leash Areas

Dog off leash areas are spaces where dogs can be exercised without a leash, but must still be under the control of an owner or carer.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge values pet ownership and actively promotes responsible pet ownership to benefit the community and wellbeing of pets. The Rural City has installed and maintains signage and doggy-do litter bag stations at off leash parks.

Regular exercise with your pet is good for both you and your dog's health and can be great fun. There's nothing like an exercise partner who's waiting by the door with a wagging tail to keep you motivated!

The Dog Off-Leash Areas brochure will show you all of the off-leash and on-leash dog parks in Murray Bridge.

Trails and Shared Use Tracks

Within the Rural City of Murray Bridge Council area there is a number of great waking and shared use trails available for the public to access.

Shared use means that a trail is made suitable for many kinds of users including walkers, cyclists, scooter, wheel chairs and prams.

The Trails and Shared Use Tracks brochure highlights some of the trails on offer in Murray Bridge and the surrounding council area.

Lavender Federation Trail


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